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"Angamardana is a powerful system to bring the human mechanism to ultimate health and wellbeing, and above all, to blossom into a full-fledged human being."



“Angamardana” means gaining complete mastery over the limbs, organs, and other parts of the body. Angamardana, a fitness system rooted in yoga, offers everyone the opportunity to invigorate the body and reach peak physical and mental health. Angamardana uses your own body weight and movement and needs no fitness equipment.

  • Revitalizes the body including the muscles, blood circulation, skeletal and nervous systems 

  • Helps in weight-loss 

  • Brings a sense of lightness and freedom in the body


30+ min


10 hrs





Age Limit


Not suitable for 

  • Pregnant Women

  • Anyone who has had a major open surgery within the last 6 months

  • Anyone who has had a laparoscopic surgery or any severe muscular injury within the last 6 weeks​

As a general note, always consult and follow your doctor’s advice. If you have any questions regarding your participation, please contact me.

Note that attendance on all days is mandatory. Please come on an empty stomach condition: Finish a meal 4 hours prior to the class, snack 2.5 hours prior, beverage or cigarette 1.5 hours before the class. Please wear comfortable, loose clothing (cotton best).

Please wear comfortable, loose clothing (preferably cotton).

We learn in a small group so that individual attention can be given to you.

Discounts available for those who need it.

After the workshop:
I am available to answer questions.
Correction and review classes are available if needed.

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