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- The practices that you will learn are under strict guidelines of the Isha Hatha School of Yoga to maintain the vibrancy of the yoga practices. 

- There are no western innovations to the practices. It is very much in line with how yoga was taught in ancient times in India. The spiritual aspect is therefore not missed.

- All of the yoga practices are designed by Sadhguru - a yogi, mystic and visionary.

- I offer Hatha Yoga as live process. It is more of a transmission of the practices than a teaching.



- If you learn one of the Hatha Yoga practices, you do not need to rely on a yoga teacher or studio for a daily or weekly yoga session.

- Rather than short weekly yoga sessions that offer some relaxation, experience the depth of yoga as well as long-lasting impacts that can transform your life.

- Learn a complete routine that fits your lifestyle, needs and goals. No matter what you are looking for - physical health or a spiritual practice - ask me and we will find the perfect practice for you.

- By attending one of my workshops you can save time and money in the long run.

- After the workshop you have the freedom to practice on your own whenever and wherever you want and in your own pace.

- This way you can constantly benefit from deep and lasting effects. Learn the practices on one weekend and have a regular tool of your own for a lifetime.


- The teaching method is different from the common approach of short sessions of weekly classes. You will learn the practices step by step properly and in their entirety. I will make sure that you are well equipped by the end of the workshop to practice on your own.

- I offer Hatha Yoga in an effective and profound way that is very rare in the western world.

- I - as a yoga practitioner and teacher - have a deep understanding of the practices. I attended the 1750 hrs Isha Hatha Yoga teacher training in 2018 and attend regular upgrades.

- I will support you after the class if you have questions. We can also schedule a review session.

- You will learn the practices in a small group. I am able to pay attention to your practice, give individual corrections and make sure you understand the practice correctly. 

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